Ty Snort the bull Beanie Baby with PVC pellets

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Snort the red bull

Ty Beanie Baby Snort with PVC pellets


Ever try to find that one rare item at a bargain price.  Well here he is.  MOST of the beanie babies on the market are produced with PE pellets inside of them or so it is stated on the tush tag, well this Snort has PVC pellets on the tag.  He has no holes so of course we will never know what is really inside, but the fact that the tag is printed wrong makes this little bull worth more and that is no bull.

NEW Rare Ty Plush Beanie Snort with pvc

  • Brand new mint with tag Ty Beanie Baby “Snort” the red bull.
  • Retired and harder to find especially with PVC pellets, not PE
  • Incredibly soft, velvety plush
  • In new and excellent condition (stored in plastic)- original hang tag attached
  • No rips, tears, stains or odors
  • From a smoke-free environment

Other Errors on this snort (he may have more, but these are the ones we found) tags:

Errors- 1. Tush tag has both REG No PA 1965(KR) means part of Korean Market.  2. No stamp on the inside of tush tag.  3. No Style# inside swing tag.  4. Red star on tush tag.  5. CE on tush tag.   6. No UK after PO15 5TX inside swing tag.

Given the nature of the item, ALL SALES are final.

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in