The Adorable Cat Ornament


The adorable cat ornaments feature a wide variety of cats that can be personalized with your pets name or special message.  This ornament is a great keepsake and a way to always cherish your cat during the holidays.  Design is the way you want…with icons or without around the edge, plain backer or one with paw prints, beads or ribbon ( we will do our best to meet your color choices, but will depend on inventory)

Please provide which breed you want on your ornament, please see the list that we have, if the breed you want is not on the list, please reach out to us prior to ordering, so we can verify that we can do it.

Name of your pet to be engraved on the ornament

please select which border you would like

with icons version (left side of photo) $0.00 no icons version (right side of photo) $0.00

please select if you want puppy paw prints as a backer to the ornament, or solid wood.

plain backer $0.00 paw prints cut out of the backer +$2.00

Do you want a ribbon for a hanger to be included or 2 beads, or jute

Please provide us with any additional requests, we will try to honor them (especially if a specific ribbon or bead color is selected, but it will depend on what we have in inventory)

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Cat Ornaments Catalogue


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