Wallet Deluxe D


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Style is style, right?  Wrong.  Style is whatever you want it to be with its fresh style and twist on what is already there.  You can take a look at this simple wallet design to see that for yourself and your sense of style.

This is focused on the idea that you can take a simple design like this and make it truly remarkable by adding your own design.  Maybe it’s a pattern, a personal photo, or some other kind o blend, but you’ll be able to make it into whatever you had hoped to put on display.

This is just the beginning, too, because you’re going to find that you’ll be ready to put together whatever matters most to you and customize that, too.  One look at how fantastic this looks as a finished product and you’ll be soon heading back for more.

Product Info

  • Black with white canvas
  • Size: 4.625″ x 4″
  • Imprint area: 4.875″ x 3.5″
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