Metal Dog Tag – Arc (MDT-ARC )


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More than ever, dog tags are back in style and you’ll be able to get them into your life in a totally personal way.  This is the perfect option that is going to offer you modern style and maximum customization at the same time.  The thin aluminum serving as the base, you are going to be able to design the photo or another kind of decor that you want to go onto the tag itself.  You will also be able to enjoy the small size at 1.3” x 2” so that you are going to wear it where you want and when you want without it being over the top.

The ideal gift for those that love personal style and all it’s going to be able to offer, this is exactly what you’ve always wanted in your life for your fashion statement, even if you didn’t know it until now.  Enjoy all it will offer you as well as the person that you choose to make it for!