Color In Puzzle Project/Gift


Each puzzle is approximately 8″x11.5″ and 120 pieces.

Upload your own black and white image you would like to see on a puzzle. (Select custom for the pricing to work)

(max file size 32 MB)

You select whether your child is a princess, a dinosaur or a love monkey.  Each puzzle will arrive with the image sublimated onto the puzzle with the puzzle in-tact.  Your child can then color the puzzle in to their individual style.  Once completed, separate the pieces, shake them up and put them back into the cellophane wrapper that the puzzle came in, and give to somebody as a unique one-of-a-kind gift.  The receiver will put the puzzle together, and have a wonderful piece of art from the child.  Perfect for grandparents, aunts and uncles near and far.  Select which design you would like sent.  Each puzzle is approximately 8″x11.5″ and 120 pieces.


Princess, Dinosaur, Love Monkeys, Custom

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