600ml Stainless Steel Bottle Silver-MUG-SS20S


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There are all sorts of modern sports bottles out there that are stainless steel or are flip top, but did you know that you can find them all in one spot?  Yes, seriously.  This stainless steel bottle is equipped with the same beloved camel flip top that you so often see on plastic bottles.

This way you can enjoy the great benefits of the stainless steel mug still focus on having access to the kind of top that you’re looking for.  With a strong hook, you can even put it on your bag to keep it at arm’s reach.

The best part about this stainless steel bottle – other than holding an impressive 600ml – is that you will be able to customize it to your own needs with the option to putting your own design or photo on the steel.  Perfect for making sure that you don’t mix it up with anyone else’s, too.  This is always good in a crowd, right?

This is going to be easy to keep clean and it will also hold up over time,  Perfect for when you want a smart, personalized investment in health and safety.

Product Info

  • Capacity: 600ml, 9 3/8″ high
  • Imprintable area: 9″ X 5.5″
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