2″ Round Gold Medal With Ribbon(JP50G)


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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as earning a medal, so make sure that everyone in your life has a reason to win one.  With this realistic 2” round gold medal – including a red ribbon for show – you will be able to put whatever event you want on there with whatever kind of message matters the most.  It’s perfect for being able to make sure that you customize the medal to the event that is happening and then make sure that each participant is going to get something that is meaningful to them.

This also doubles a medallion if you are more comfortable with the idea of using this to celebrate a holiday or some kind.  Perfect for kids, adults and anyone else who deserves to feel special and important, this gold medal is a great example of fun jewelry that serves a practical purpose as well as a decor and fashion-related one.

Don’t be locked into the “You’re #1!” option so often found in discount stores.  Go ahead and pick out your own slogan that is going to transform this into a personalized touch.