Why have a “Why Shop With Us” page

‘Why Shop With Us’ can help you differentiate against the stiff competition out there, sometimes providing the extra reassurance that a customer needs and that will give you the edge.

Factual claims about advantages of your product and shipping service will help them choose you over the others. These benefits include getting quality services delivered on a timely manner, practical tips that work, sound advice and other services unique to your website.

It’s all about genuine sales talk and getting their trust in the process. Tell them real and reasonable facts about your services or products. The more you gain their trust, the more you get a better chance of conversions. Once trust is established, there are additional benefits through higher chances of repeat purchases and referrals. Now referrals can happen in two ways: directly and indirectly. Direct referrals are those referred by actual customers and indirect referrals are those influenced by positive feedback and reviews about your website. Either way, you win.


Here are some common “Why Shop with Us?” answers:

– Free and free shipping

– Largest selection of products

– Secure website

– Worldwide shipping

– Best prices

– Money back guarantee

– No hassle returns

– Pay with PayPal

– Friendly customer service

– Charity share per sale